Welcome to HR Matters

As representatives of Christ, churches and nonprofits should be “the best of the best” as employers. Unfortunately, this is not how the staff of most ministries describe their work environment.

Ministry leaders want to provide a healthy work environment, yet most overlook the critical importance HR matters play in the overall health and success of any organization—including churches and nonprofits.

Don’t believe the old adage that what you don’t know won’t hurt you. When it comes to HR matters, what you don’t know can hurt you—and it will hold back the full impact of your ministry.

I’m Cindy Powell and I understand the unique challenge ministries face in the area of human resources. I want to equip you to meet those challenges head-on. My book HR Matters was written for just that purpose. I can also assist you by providing consulting service uniquely tailored to the needs of churches and nonprofits.

HR does matter! Jesus is worthy of our absolute best in every area—including the way we conduct ourselves as employers!