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“Finally, someone has written an amazingly insightful and practical road map for Human Resources for churches and nonprofit organizations. In this well-researched and highly readable book, Cindy Powell offers valuable insights into how to create a culture of honor and excellence where both staff and the organization’s overall mission thrive. I believe HR Matters will bring a much-needed transformational paradigm shift in the way we lead our organizations and our staff. I want to put a copy of this book into the hands of every pastor and nonprofit leader I know! I highly recommend HR Matters to you.”

Executive Administrator, Wagner Leadership Institute

HR Matters is a very well written, well researched, and very pleasant book to purview. This book is definitely a must read for all nonprofit organizations, churches and ministries. Cindy Powell has an excellent presentation of information and resources for the important topic of the human resources in the nonprofit world. I only wish I had read this 35 years ago when I was first licensed in ministry; I highly recommend it!”

President of Ralph E Freda Ministries, Manchester, NJ
Senior Assoc. Pastor, Church of Grace and Peace, Toms River, NJ

HR Matters is a critical book for any church, nonprofit, or ministry organization commissioned to the cause of justice and kingdom living. Cindy Powell brings decades of experience and godly wisdom to help reconcile the internal operations of organizations with the external mission. She speaks with bold grace and truth, advocating for both leadership and support staff to be equipped for excellence. In a context where compassion and excellence is prioritized on behalf of those being served, the people inside that working environment should be shown the same standard of care and value. HR Matters reveals that in order to be truly be successful in our calling, we must learn to love our own like we love others.”

Founder & Executive Director, Flourish International

“I worked with Cindy at Mission Aviation Fellowship having just returned to the U.S. after twenty-two years of jungle flying. Much of HR was new to me, and Cindy was not only an excellent teacher and mentor in this area but also became a good friend. While certain HR principles, as well as both state and federal law had to be observed, Cindy never forgot the people impacted by HR policy—they were always the center of her concern.

HR Matters is an important resource for any church or ministry, including missionary sending organizations. Aviation is an exacting discipline. Throughout my years as a jungle pilot, what I might not have known had the potential to hurt very badly! Over the past fifteen years, I’ve found out that the same is true for HR. What you don’t know can introduce significant pain. As a pilot, I used every resource to assure a safe flight. This is a great resource for safe ministry!“

VP of Human Resources, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Nampa, ID

“Cindy’s professional experience, leadership skills, and faith-based approach to working with our staff led to increased stability within our region, a healthy and positive work environment, and excellent outcomes for the children and families we serve. I know her to be a strong voice of reason, consistency, and fairness. I believe she is well qualified to speak to HR matters in the nonprofit world and has much wisdom to contribute on this topic.”

Regional Director of Programs, Olive Crest – Inland Empire, Riverside, CA

“Cindy has competently connected the two most important areas of focus for anyone who leads a ministry today—our people and how we treat them. HR Matters addresses just that: The matters of HR that will make the greatest difference in your own church or ministry advancement. I have and continue to learn from Cindy in the hopes that our own organization can reach for the standards she inspires us to consider.”

Founder & President, The Savage Group LLC

“I have appreciated and relied on Cindy’s knowledge of HR for many years. She helps me reconcile my responsibilities as a nonprofit employer in the context of being a Christ follower and finds effective ways of accomplishing our goals without sacrificing our duties. Her compassion and love for others is always obvious even in the hard decisions. Cindy’s sage advice has been the best I have ever had as a nonprofit executive director. You will find her book, HR Matters, easy to read, but more importantly it is a much needed one of a kind guide for the faith-based employment community.”

Executive Director, Pathways of Hope, Fullerton, CA

“Cindy Powell notes that ‘there is an art to knowing how and when to take the employer hat off and speak to a situation from the heart as a pastor, mentor, spiritual leader, etc., and when the more formal employer/employee boundaries need to be strictly maintained.’ Fortunately for us, she has written HR Matters, a book that helps us to master this art. Chapters such as ‘Spiritualized Dysfunction,’ identify and provide remedies for some of the human resources pitfalls ministries fall into while being ‘led of the spirit.’ And chapters such as ‘Hire Right’ highlight the value of investing time and energy into good human resources practices. HR Matters has become a valuable addition to my library of professional resources. I highly recommend that it find an easily accessible place on your bookshelf as well.”

Chairman of The Wallace Group, former labor and employment law attorney and adjunct professor of HR Law and Management

“As a senior leader who’s also had the responsibility of overseeing other churches, I believe HR Matters is a valuable resource—particularly for smaller churches and ministries who cannot afford to hire an HR manager. One of the problems I’ve encountered with smaller churches is that a pastor or visionary leader’s management skills can be disorganized and unprofessional. This is not only detrimental to hiring and keeping good employees but also hinders the organization from reaching its ministry goals. Cindy Powell provides a competent guide that will help anyone navigate their way through the legal fog and take the mystery out of human resource management. It’s well written and easy to follow, seamlessly interweaving spiritual insights with lots of examples and practical insights. I would highly recommend this book.”

Senior Pastor Cornerstone Church, Prairie du Chien WI, Author, SonShift

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